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Digimon World Review

Digimon World isn’t for everyone – only dedicated Digimon fans or fans of the monster-raising genre need apply.

SCREAMING AT YOUR PETS – Digimon World In A Nutshell – Silly Game Overview –

An overview of the PS1 game Digimon World. Gameplay consist of you raising your Digimon by training it and caring for it, both of which prove to be harder than you’d think. Also, poo. Lots and lots of poo.

-Digimon world is a PS1 game that throws you into the digital world. Train and care for your Digimon, and watch it turn into a powerful force on the battlefeild. Explore the wilds of File Island with your Digimon and save the island form the mass hysteria affecting it.

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Digimon World – CRANTIME

The Playstation had a ton of real gems! Welcome to one of my favourites.

Digimon World guide –

Digimon World Review- We’re Going Digital!

The Digivolution is up and running!
DigiSee? DigiHear? DigiKnow? what’s coming?
Our DigiDestiny starts today!
Let me hear you say…
Digimon Digital Monsters, Digimon are the champions!
Digimon Digital Monsters, Digimon are the champions!
Now watch this review on Digimon World and see how it stacks up.

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Digimon World 3 – CRANTIME

Digimon is back!
And this time it’s a little different!(I’m not surprised)

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0:00 Cold Open
0:15 Intro
1:34 General Idea
3:03 Nerd Stats
4:09 Digivolution
5:58 Equipment
7:35 Story
10:14 Card Battle
11:24 Issues
12:52 Closing Thoughts

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