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Seaman 2

Sega’s wacky fish/man game gets a sequel on the PS2.

Seaman: Day Two (Dreamcast)

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There’s death in the fishtank when Jo’s assistant, Lily, comes to visit.


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God is telling me to continue learning Japanese.

Seaman 2 Lost Commercial (Playstation 2)

Someone maybe 1 or 2 years ago asked me on my now deleted Twitter if I would upload the Seaman 2 video I used for my Siivagunner rip. I…honestly, have no idea where this video even came from. I downloaded it, and never saw it again online. I can’t even find it again. But! It’s a good source video! I may wanna use it again for a YTPMV in the future.

Seaman 2 microphone controller bundle for japanese ps2 review unboxing

Today lets check out a really unique game with a really unique controller! Its one of the stranger looking ones I own! If you like what you see dont forget to like and subscribe! Thanks for watching!