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8 Helpful PC Building Tools

Magnetic screwdrivers, headlamps, and more.

over-overclocking a cpu #shorts

Check out my PC gear and recommended tech:

Recommended Thermal Paste:
Ryzen 5 3600:
B450 Tomahawk Max:
Red Devil 5700xt:
Dell 1440p 165hz monitor:

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Building My 9 Year Old Brother’s First Gaming Setup..

he loved it! thanks for putting me in a position to do things like this for my little bro..

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Speed Up a Slow PC in 10 Seconds: Best Performance

How to speed up a slow PC by configuring it to best performance.

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Why an iFixit Kit is BAD value for PC builders!

#iFixit #pcbuild
iFixit tool kits are widely used by Tech Youtubers for building PCs and they are often marketed as the best tool for PC builders. I decided to buy my own one and try it out. Here is why PC builders shouldn’t buy an iFixit kit.

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Affiliate links (LoL I know I said PC builders shouldn’t buy them but if you still want one, please use my links)

iFixit essentials kit:

iFixit Pro kit:

The Torx screwdriver I think is a better option for PC builders:

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