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Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing Review

Just how bad is Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing? It’s as bad as your mind will allow you to comprehend. Hey, check out this awesome game called Smash Karts! 🚗💥 Join the racing mayhem and challenge your friends.

BIG RIGS Over The Road Racing – The worst game ever made…

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing (often simply referred to as Big Rigs) is a 2003 third-person racing video game developed by Stellar Stone and published by GameMill Publishing for Microsoft Windows PC systems.
Although the packaging of Big Rigs states that the main objective of the game is to race their semi-trailer truck (known colloquially as a “Big Rig”) to safety in order to deliver illegal cargo being carried by the vessel, while avoiding the local police force, in actuality, there are no police in the game, and no such objectives are presented within the game itself. Much of the game instead centers on the player racing their truck against fellow drivers to the finish line; however, the player’s computer-controlled opponent vehicles have no AI and never move from the starting position. In addition, due to a lack of collision detection, there are no obstacles to negotiate within the game, and the laws of physics can be violated frequently.
Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing received extremely negative reviews; much of the criticism for the game was directed at a lack of collision detection, frequent bugs, poor visuals, and severe lack of functionality. As a result, the game is now widely regarded as one of the worst video games of all-time.[2]

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Is Big Rigs Really The Worst Game Of All Time?

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Considered by most THE worst game in the world, I thought it would be fun to just tear into ‘Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing’. But is it actually the worst game I’ve ever played? Well… no. Not by a long shot.

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Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, ThuN00b Review

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GameSpot reviews – Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

Alex Navarro takes us on a perilous journey through the mess that is Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. Its 1.0 rating, as of April 2007, is still the lowest score ever given to a game on Gamespot.

Edit 05/03/2020 – On the eve of the 14th anniversary of this gem being uploaded, I wanted to point you to a much higher quality version of this review: When I first uploaded this in 2006, YouTube was still in its infancy and since GameSpot’s own video player was a total dumpster fire, I figured why not just upload it to a superior platform? Unfortunately 240p was as good as it was going to get.

As for stats, in the 16 years since this review was first published on GameSpot, three other titles have attained the treasured 1.0 score, meaning Big Rigs is no longer alone on the Throne of Shame. It was the first one there, though!