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Avoid The Elden Ring "Fat Roll" Early: Here’s How To Roll Quickly

You can make just one small change to avoid the slow-moving "fat roll" as Elden Ring’s Vagabond class.

Elden Ring Light equip ROLLING! – Light Med Heavy Comparison

What’s the difference between light, medium, and heavy equip burden in Elden Ring? Previous From Software games have only had two levels of roll speed, so does the new under 30% equip load, light rating do anything? Experience the classic arcade thrill: golden axe playstation 4, now available to play online.
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How to avoid Fat Godskin Duo’s Rolling Attack (Funny) – ELDEN RING

Elden Ring | How to Not Fat Roll

Knowing how to not fat roll in Elden Ring can seem confusing. It hits you out of nowhere and you’re wondering “why in the world am I rolling like this?!”. Well, in this raw, unedited Elden Ring tips video, I’ll show and explain to you what causes you to fat roll in Elden Ring and how to avoid it. Thank you very much for watching and I hope this helps!

Grab This POWERFUL Talisman EARLY GAME | Elden Ring

This Talisman is the same as Ring of Favor and Protection in Dark Souls
Boost your HP, Stamina and Equipment Load early!

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