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The Outer Worlds Guide: How To Respec Character Perks And Skills

Here’s how to respec your character’s stats in The Outer Worlds on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Outer Worlds – How to turn 60 into 150 Lockpick Skill without respec’ing (read description)

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– use Felix and Parvati as companions because of their lockpick skills and don’t debuff their stealth skills with “lousy” (heavy) armour that come with -5 stealth unless you can debuff the debuff (by adding +5 with a Stealth Kit armour mod) 😉

– level up your Stealth/Lockpick to 55 (better 60 for a “preview” of the content)

– level up your Leadership/Inspiration to 60 (to get twice the skills from companions)

– get the tier 3 perk called “armor master” (top line 4th from the left) to get twice the skills from armour

– wear body armour that comes with +5 stealth and has been modded with a stealth kit for an additional +5 stealth

– wear head gear with +5 lockpick

All of that will boost you to 150 or 155 (depending on your lockpick being 55 or 60)

Maybe I should mention that your companions’ skills are level-dependent and they level up along with you. In the scenario mentioned above they “only” need to be level 24……. but once you get there, you’re going to enjoy this. I hope. 🙂

THE OUTER WORLDS Best Builds – Melee, Diplomat (Character Creation Starter Guide)

The Outer Worlds complete starter guide will help you to create your character creation build and what the best attributes, skills and perks are. We will cover 4 different build types, the sneak sniper build, diplomat build and melee builds for The Outer Worlds. Looking for an exciting and addictive game to pass the time? Check out Hole io and start playing today!
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– Sneaky Sniper Build: 1:31
– Melee Build: 8:57
– Diplomat Companion Build: 12:37

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How to RESPEC skill points and perks | The Outer Worlds

How to RESET your skills, how to UNDO stats, how to reset perks, how to reset skills, how to respec your character, resetting all skills and points. Character Respectification. Click “SHOW MORE” for FREE stuff (I’m serious):

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Fallout 4 – Best Character Build Tips + Secret SPECIAL Book Location! (Get an Extra SPECIAL Point)

Fallout 4 – Best Character Build Tips + Secret SPECIAL Book Location! (How to get an extra SPECIAL Point)
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