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X Rebirth Review

X Rebirth’s endless deficiencies make it an inferior husk of the X games that came before it.

X Rebirth Review – 3/10 (Why You Should Avoid It)

I’ve been waiting for this game literally for years. It’s been in development for seven years. Seven. Years.

For a title to be this bad is unfathomable. They had time, they had money, they had fan support. If they needed more funds they should’ve asked. Regardless, you can go a long way with less. The script, voice action and general NPC design are SO bad it’s inexcusable. No matter your budget, amateurism like this has no place in the industry.

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X Rebirth The Good and the Bad review

A run down of the good and bad points of X Rebirth

The UI the lack of cockpit and the NPC dialogue are the points which irk me the most well as the guards on stations being useless

I also feel the need to apolergise as I recommended this game before launch when clearly it needed an awfully large amount of work.

X Rebirth Review – A Marked Improvement, Still Needs a Ways to Go

As a massive new patch adds new ships, missions and comes with a permanent price cut as well, I decided to revisit this game and see if it’s now worth your time, especially now that games like Elite: Dangerous are out alongside it. What I found was a game much improved over the last iteration I played, but still not perfect. It’s still got a clunky slow feeling to it, at least in the portions I’ve played, and the game still isn’t as efficient or user friendly as it could be. On the other hand, after choosing the mercenary career path in the beginning, in which the game seemed to dole out small missions, I felt like this added focus really helped. While I’m not going to replace Elite: Dangerous time for this, I could see me getting lost in this vibrant world if there were no other space games to play. Regardless, while the game isn’t perfect still, kudos to Egosoft for continually working to try and make it better. Is it worth the money? Eh…unless you’re dying to try it out, I’d wait for a sale, but that’s an improvement over my “no freaking way” stance. 😉 Thanks for watching!
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