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Fortnite: Free Battle Pass Tier Available, Here’s How With Week 2 Blockbuster Challenge Seaman 2

Microsoft’s Ugly Holiday Sweater Is Minesweeper-Themed

Ugly sweater season is upon us, and this one is a pretty good contender for your collection.

Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl [Part 2] 12/30/2021

Oh mystery gift, oh mystery gift where art thou? Also what’s more important stats or more PP?

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Neighbours Called Him Crazy, But He Had the Last Laugh

Coming up are some amazing stories about people who protected their home in amazing ways.
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Tech Bytes: Monday sales, new Netflix record, Microsoft ugly sweaters

Online spending hit 10.7 billion dollars on Cyber Monday, slightly down from a record 10.8 billion last year. But, analysts are still predicting record-breaking sales over the entire holiday season.

Microsoft sells ugly Christmas sweaters

Microsoft is making one of the hottest pieces of fashion this holiday season. The multinational technology company’s ugly Christmas sweaters are selling like hot cakes.