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Fire Emblem: Three Houses Developers Are Unsure Why The Series Is Popular In The West

The directors of Fire Emblem: Three Houses discuss the series’ Western popularity and the dramatic changes they made for the newest entry.

The MOST OBSCURE Fire Emblem Three Houses TRIVIA You (Probably) Never Heard Of

Today’s Fire Emblem Three Houses video focuses on 10 trivia or occurrences the player may or may not have seen or experienced, or even realized it themselves when it happened. Those who are incredibly knowledgeable of the games quirkier bits ought to recognize most of these. But some are so random and obscure that even I wasn’t aware of some of them. Its a pretty short and casual video today. Anyway, if any of these tidbits are those you never knew yourself, comment down below which ones they were. And if you know some random 3H trivia that ends up not mentioned here, let us know down below.
This video contains spoilers for FE16 obviously

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Fire Emblem Engage ALREADY BETTER Than Fire Emblem Three Houses?!

Fire Emblem Engage looks amazing, let’s discuss all the upgrades over Fire Emblem Three Houses from the debut trailer.
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Thinking Caps On! | Fire Emblem: Three Houses Reviewmpressions

It’s not quite a first impressions video and not quite a review, but whatever this is it’s got my thoughts on Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which is real good, you guys.

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5 BIG BEGINNER TIPS to Survive Fire Emblem Three Houses!

Let’s go over 5 big beginner tips to help you survive Fire Emblem Three Houses on the Nintendo Switch!
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